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Elsa coronation cosplay work in progress by MishaCosplay Elsa coronation cosplay work in progress by MishaCosplay
This is a massive dump of WIP photos for my Coronation Elsa cosplay from Frozen. I've been gathering my supplies since October of this year. I've only just started to piece my costume together very slowly. 

Most of what you'll see in this photo other than my reference photos is pictures of each stage that my shoes went through. I took some plain old velvet flats and painted the design on them. After painting I realized that I wanted more for my shoes and decided to try embroidering the design on them. For my first time doing embroidery I'm quite happy with the result despite my hatred of how time consuming it is. (even though I do hate how long it takes I'm hoping to do the embroidery for the rest of the costume as well. Wish me luck...) The other photos I've added are pictures of the fabric I've purchased for the costume and a pic of how far along I am in the process of making the top. 

All photos of Elsa from Frozen belong to Disney! I do NOT own anything. 

Where I got my materials and shoes:
all fabric and embroidery thread was purchased at Joann Fabrics. 
2 different types of "special occasion" fabric and a stretch velveteen.
My shoes were purchased at Kohl's (sadly the shoes are discontinued so if you want them you better get them asap before the store runs out. They are the "SO" brand, Navy pair.)
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Elentari-Liv Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Love the shoes!! This is sooo awesome that you're being soo thorough! It's going to be amazing!
ChantellyHeart Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Yep just from this I'm going to follow you. Those shoes are amazing!
MoonPeachBlossom Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Can you give us instructions on how to make these? These are so awesome!!
MishaCosplay Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Well first get yourself a pair of velvet shoes make sure the shoes aren't too thick of a material so you can sew through. Buy yourself some embroidery needles, floss and gold bias tape. Then do a rough sketch of the design on your shoes with a fabric marker or chalk (something that can be washed or rubbed off.) After that start stitching in your design using a "Satin Stitch" don't know what that is or how to do it?
here is a simple tutorial! --->…
 Make sure to take your time with the stitches, its gonna be difficult seeing as your embroidering shoes but try not to get too frustrated. (I was sooooo upset with how it was looking at first that I cut out all the stitches and restarted a couple of times.) Once your done with your embroidery you can sew on your gold bias tape on the edging of your shoes. (you can put on the gold before you start the embroidery if you want.) And Ta Da! your shoes are done! 

Sorry I took so long with the reply, I hope I was able to help and good luck with your cosplay! 
TwistedWillows Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Best of luck! Can't wait to see!
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